Who are we - humans?

a photographic project



Life is a journey... A journey of the unknown...


Today we live in such a quick changing world, our newsfeed gets overwhelming, our brain has to deal with millions of pictures and information’s in just one day, we have to face challenges of technology, our stress levels are rising and life becomes quick.

We´re trying to do so many things to calm us down, to relax ourselves from this stressful, everyday life… The numbers of people meditating or doing yoga to reduce their stress levels rise are continuously increasing… We´re trying to find our “path” and the right way… But in the end, what is it that we´re looking for?  


I love to find out the inner sense of people, of humanity, of life… What turns us into the persons that we are? What makes us unique? How can we show our inner self?


My project “Who are we - humans?” shows different people in natural but sometimes surreal surroundings, representing different emotions. The pictures have a calm, relaxing atmosphere, they are showing the journey of life, the changings and the transformations that everyone has to go through… They show the emotions and dreams that people have… But also their fears and what makes them feel scared or afraid of… Basically all the emotions that make us human… The people I portrait can let their imagination free and create their dreams…  

Cause in the end we are all the same, we are all humans, no matter where we come from or where we are going to. My goal is to show this different emotions and identities of people of different ages, races and genders in individual, surreal portraits all around the globe. I want to show that in the end: we are all the same human beings – with the same fears, dreams, hopes and emotions. I also want to create these emotions within the viewer of the images, they should calm down… relax… and take some time… My goal is to transform the emotions of the person being portrait into the viewer and empower each individual as they are… they wonderful and unique human beings... No matter what they look like or how they feel.


Who are you?

What is your biggest dream?

What is your grates fear?




I am lovely, friendly and crazy.

My biggest fear is being scared of the height

ROVA FineArt Photography - who are we - human?


I am a typical „normal“ person. Born in Nürnberg, currently living in Fürth and tend to talk too much. 

I work fulltime within the trading of wine and spirits.

My greatest fear is being lonely. 

In a long run I´m really unhappy being alone. My biggest dream is being completely independent and able to come to fulfillment. 

ROVA FineArt Photography - who are we - human?


I am Yella, 22 years young. I am friendly, humorous and love to meet new people.

My biggest dream is being happy, feeling comfortable and independent.  

Having a family – a husband and children. But I also want to discover the world and explore new places.

ROVA FineArt Photography - who are we - human?


I am Mey, 23 years old and work within the industrial area (if that explains who I am :-D)

Because I suffer from borderline, my biggest dream is being free and independent, not feeling trapped from these negative feelings and stupid thoughts anymore. That is also my biggest fear – being trapped and not able to help myself or not able to help my family.

ROVA FineArt Photography - who are we - human?


My name is Sophie, 29 years and a mom of twin boys. I work within the social area.

Currently my dream is being free and travel with a van where I can travel the world with my family and boyfriend.

My biggest fear is being separated from my family. 

ROVA FineArt Photography - who are we - human?



If you want to be part of the project please contact me.