15 days of creativity

a creative challenge

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 "Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body." 

- Seneca -





At the beginning of this month, Brooke Shaden, one of my favorite photographers and creative souls started a challenge... 15 days of creativity... I accepted the challenge... 15 days of continuous creativity... Every day a new picture, new concept, new idea, new emotions and new challenges... It wasn´t easy, sometimes I nearly gave up but then I remembered the feeling I had during creating something new, and how the pictures in my head became reality... and then I wanted to start over...

I wanted to create...

I needed to create.



Day 1: Rebirth

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“Sometimes you have to kind of

die inside in order to

rise from your own ashes and

believe in yourself and

love yourself to

become a new person.”

- Gerard Way -


I´ll create every day... The next 15 days... It´s a huge challenge for me, personally... usually it takes ages to release a picture for me. I have to watch it again and again... until I´m kind of satisfied with it (usually that doesn´t last for long ;-) ) What are your challenges? How do you stay creative? I´d love to hear your challenges with creativity...


Day 2: emotion

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"Feel it. 

The thing that you don't want to feel. 

Feel it, and be free.”

- Nayyirah Waheed -


Today is about emotion... and a very strong emotion that I´m thinking about very often is the feeling of being FREE... not actually (if you´re not, my thoughts are with you. Lets get in tough and I´ll do my best helping you out)... I mean that more mentally... there are so many limiting believes within myself, that I never really have the feeling of being FREE... I´m working on it... meditating... questioning my fears and angers... feeling deep within myself if what I tell myself really is the truth (which usually isn´t) and so trying to loosen the chains which keeping my soul bounded... Do you also suffer from fears or limiting believes? What do you do to get in the status of a free mind? Any tips or tricks you want to share? ❤️


Day 3: ending

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"When one door closes, another opens; 

but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the 

closed door that we do not see the 

one which has opened for us."

- Alexander Graham Bell -


Today was really interesting... the theme is about doors and ending... for me an ending is also a new beginning. it doesn´t have to be something bad... but sometimes we just don´t see the chance, the new beginning, or the open door which ist just behind our back... just turn around and go through it ❤️ What about you? Do you take new chances or doors as they open? Or does something hold you back?


Day 4: spellbound

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"All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king."

- J.R.R. Tolkien -


Today I´m on fire ;-) The theme is spellbound and creating with warm light. We´re supposed to ask ourselves "What makes you feel completely entranced?" I love creating... Either if is photography, home decorating, or just simply building something with my own hands... creating something out of nothing sets me on fire... This picture can be interpreted in sooo many different times. And I´m sure my mom won´t like it ;-) For me fire feels warm, comfortable, cozy.. That is also what my pose represents. I´m hugging myself... the emotion of being within "me"... If that makes sense? Fire also represents something unstable... constantly changing... and if you don´t take care of it, it´ll burn down and disappear... For today I wish that you all light your own, personal fire... take care of yourself... if that´means a meditation session, a walk in the forrest or just reading your favorite book... Take some moments for yourself and keep lighting your inner flame... I love you, and all your different, unique flames ❤️


Day 5: broken

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"To breakthrough, 

sometimes you got to just do 

without thinking. 

Most times we think too much, 

and end up not doing."

- Jensen Siaw -


This is exactely what I do all the times.... Thinking tooooooo much... And ending up doing nothing (or at least to me it feels like nothing). Just today I talked with some friends about it... I question everything... And think "what if" or "what happens, when..." I don´t know which decision is right or wrong... But you know what? In the end it doesn´t matter... I have to look onside myself... Trust my feelings and calm my mind down... Maybe, I´m just inside a glass and just before giving up, a huge breakthrough is supposed to happen.... You never know... Dive into your feelings, trust your emotions and rise ❤️ Rise until no one can reach you... I wish you´ll reach the stars ❤️


Day 6: beauty

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“There is no exquisite beauty… 

without some strangeness in the proportion.”

- Edgar Allan Poe -


Today is about beauty... To be honest, so far that was the most challenging theme to me... What is beauty? What do we see as beautiful? And why? Where is beauty and where is it hidden? 

Brooke asked us: What is something about yourself that you have felt insecure about? To me it´s my butt... Yea.. Ladies... Some of you may understand me... That´s the part of my body I don´t like... I asked myself: WHY? Did it hurt me? Did it ever caused problems to me? Or for others? No... Instead I should be grateful for having it... To sit, to slide down slides... or snowy hills... So hell yea... I am, what I am... including my butt ;-) It´s also interesting that I choosed this pose and picture to upload on social media... Why does facebook choose what beauty is to them and what has to be hidden from other people? Why do I have to hide several parts of my body to match stupid criterias? 

Beauty to me is everywhere... It´s the water to flowers... it´s the sun, nature and every grain of sand which makes a desert... It´s the transformation process of an caterpillar... which brings out the new life as a butterfly... it´s pure life... renewing and constant change... So let´s celebrate our beauty and the unique individuals as we are... 💜💜💜


Day 7: Time

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“Question: Where do I go from here?

Answer: Out of your comfort zone. In the direction of your dreams.”

- Izey Victoria Odiase -


Today is a very special theme to me.... TIME... It´s been some time ago, where I´ve been working on a series... Not alone, it´s been together with my ex boyfriend... It´s been a long... sad story... full of pain, anger and disappointment... I went through a lot and I´m glad I now can say: I moved on... I don´t look back... I´ve learned so many things and can now look into a brighter future again... I now know that I can truly love... To the fullest... I learned that I can trust my feelings and emotions more than any spoken word... I learned to trust myself <3 

I know it´s sometimes hard to realise that you actually learned something out of a really painful experience... But you can´t change your past... You can just change the way you look at it and try to learn from it... So that you can get up again... leave past times behind and move forward... <3 So for me now TIMEs are changing... moving on... and I have no idea in which direction... But I´m looking forward <3 

Do you know your direction? And which lessons you learned from your past?


Day 8: potential

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“There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?”

- Erin Hanson -


Today´s theme is "potential" and we were supposed to use an open space... I drove around and wanted to go to a different place, originally... But somehow I was drawn to the little hill near the place where I love. It was windy and nearly raining... The light was beautiful and up there the atmosphere was gorgeous... so calm and peaceful... I was alone (at the beginning ;-) )... And I loved the process of creating... I knew exactly what I wanted to show.

Everyone has the potential to fly... to free themselves and to rise... We are free in our mind and in our decisions... So... darling... what if you fly? what would you do? ❤️


Day 9: curiosity

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“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't.

And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be.

And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

- Lewis Carroll -


Curiosity... I had so much fun editing that <3 I guess sometimes, we take life too serious, and that´s why I absolutely love the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland <3 Just be... how strange, stupid and curios you are... Explore, have a look at the world upside down and just have fun <3 If it might be difficult and uncomfortable for you, have a look at children... It´s their instinct... Don´t care about what others might think... It´s your life! Make it fun <3 

What are you going to do today?


Day 10: being alive

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“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, 

you can like them for who they are.”

- Donald Miller -


I know I´m late... I´m struggeling... Too many ideas, too much expectations, I put on myself... Too much pressure... to produce a "perfect" picture... And in the end? I´m not really satisfied... I don´t like the perspective, there´s too much "going on" in the surrounding of the picture, etc. etc.... I could keep on... I expect everything I create to be perfect. But does that help me? Does it make me more creative/productive? No! In the end it makes it more difficult, more pressure and unhappy... Today theme is: being alive. I guess I´ve learned my lesson... being alive doesn´t mean to be perfect all the time. It´s ok to struggle sometimes, to get overwhelmed by this whole adventure called: life! I didn´t take it too serious in the end... And today is a new day, with a new chance of creating somethin else... I love that lesson... That it´s ok not to be perfect. Just "to be" is more than enough ❤️ So don´t put too much pressure and too many expectations on yourself... Jus be, and enjoy the wonderful person, you are ❤️


Day 11: diversity

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“And in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”

- Christopher Poindexter -


Todays theme: Diversity... What does that mean? Are we different? If so, what is the difference? Skin color? Religion? Place of origin? Gender? Outfit? Hair color? Interest in different hobbies? Preferred food? The way we express emotions? The way we love? You could continue that endless... Yes... We are different, everyone of us is unique... Unique in it´s own beauty and unique in their personalities... Does that make anyone better or worse than enyone else? NO!!! We are all the same... the same human race... Connected in our uniqueness and our emotions... Today´s picture represents that to me... You can jump, smile, cry, be lonely, dance, or even turn a cartwheel... All these different emotions belong to people... They represent who we are... How we love and express our personalities... I love all these differences, and the uniqueness of every single one of our human race... In the end, life is about humanity ❤️

Thank you so much beautiful human, Carolina from @foxografie for expressing yourself and getting crazy with me... I love your soul ❤️


Day 12: pressure

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"The pressure is breathtaking. 

She's suffocating. 

Just wants to run. 


So she can just be."

- Lisa McMann -


Theme: Pressure... and the challenge is "use water"... I´m am currently traveling and hoped so much my hotel room would have a bathtub... obviously it didn´t... so more pressure on me ;-) I knew exactely what I wanted an bought color for the water, which is originally for children. But I´ve also had some fun playing with it (and still some water within my ear)... I started and it must have been looking insane (I´ve put some making of´s at my Instagram story today, so that you can also have a laugh ;-) ) 

So what means pressure to me? It´s different... Sometines it can feel exhausting, overwhelming, when society, family or friends put too much pressure on you (most of the time they don´t mean it that way or don´t see it)... I´ve got a strong personality so I can cope with that... But what is much harder for me is the pressure I put on myself... for whatever reason... It can knock me out... Push me underwater or nearly destroy me... This is the time where I feel mostly vulnerable... Emotions go crazy, like on a rollercoaster, I question everything... I this right or wrong? Was my decision right? Did I hurt someone? Maybe it would have been better otherwise? It´s too much... too much pressure... Then I need to be alone... Alone with myself... Thinking, meditating or even just being... being human... realizing that it was my decision to put that pressure on myself, to want to have everything "perfect"... But who defines what is perfect? You! Just you alone... Tis is the moment release takes over... and a feeling of lightness overcomes myself... Just breathe, release the pressure and be... It´s more than enough ❤️


Day 13: forgotten

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“A lot we have in our head,

But things of heart are not yet dead,

They have done none, but just fled,

Out of us, Forgotten, just been bled..”

- Numey -


Forgotten... With the challenge: use paper...

Sometimes I think toooo much... Too may things are going up in my mind... Within meditation I can find rest... I just view the thoughts like clouds... up in the sky... passing by... I then wish I could just fly away with them... Thats also why I absolutely love flying (I know it´s wrong for the environment and every flight I take, privately I compensate)... All the problems seem to be so small and tiny, down on earth... But when I land, they are still there, the emotions and feelings, all present... Not really forgotten... The only solution is to take attention, be aware of yourself and accept your feeling, they are there, they belong to you, but that doesn´t mean they can take over... You are still making the decision about your thoughts... don´t always belief, what you think ❤️


Day 14: flight

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“If you were born without wings, 

do nothing to prevent them from growing.”

- Coco Chanel -


Today theme is: flight and "create wings". I´ve found myself today at this amazing place and was just drawn to it... I saw these beautiful flower (I guess it´s lilac) everywhere and they just started to fade... I found them just perfect to become wings... They represent the constant change, something obviously beautiful, doesn´t last forever... It´s fading away, becoming something different, back to nature and within the next spring it blooms again... Flying also to me represents constant change... If it´s just that we fly to another place, if we let our soul fly away, daydream or if we, personally rise and start flying... I think everyone has the opportunity to do so... Life is unstable, nothing is forever and all life is in a constant state of flux... I sometimes forget that and think that my pain or suffering now is so bad... but tomorrow it can be totally different, it´s ok to feel what you feel right now and within that moment, feel your emotions... (maybe they want to tell you something... listen... and then let them go... float... change... You decide what you think <3


Day 15: growth

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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 

Always remember, you have within you the strength, 

the patience, and the passion to 

reach for the stars to change the world.”

- Harriet Tubman -


It´s the last day today... 15 days, with a new picture and concept every day... It wasn´t easy but it´s been such a great time, I´ve learned so much and I´ve been growing and becoming more confident... And that´s exactly what todays theme is about: GROWTH 

I think growth starts with trust... Having confidence in yourself and trust in the universe, everything is possible... I´m just at the beginning, it won´t be easy, and I´m sure I will not always find trust and confidence in myself or the universe... But to realize that and be aware of these emotions and feelings, you can always make the decision to change them... You can grow and rise... Shoot for the stars baby... I love to see you growing ❤️ Let´s all grow together and help each other... There´s enogh space to become whoever we want to be within the universe ❤️ I love you people ❤️❤️❤️ Let´s share our love and support each other ❤️



My resume: It was challenging... incredible challenging... I´m not 100% percent satisfied with the pictures I´ve taken, with some of them I think, I could have done better... I´m always questioning my work and thinking about what I could have done better... But on the other hand I´ve learned so much... I´ve created 15 different pieces... One on each day... I challenged myself to go out, even when I was tired. I´ve had so much un with the different themes and locations... The creative process itself and with jus me... creating... I grew... so much... And I´d love to thank you, Brooke for your inspiring and encouraging words in your everyday mails... You´re such a gift for this world...


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