Who I am

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 

- Jalaluddin Rumi -



ROVA Design - Fine Art Photography limited edition prints
Picture taken by Carolina Klusáčková




I create...

...photographs with emotion

...imagination and

moments captured in time....




Simone Betz, the heart and soul behind ROVA FineArt, is a fine arts photographer specializing in digital and analogue surreal portraiture.


Simone was first introduced to photography when she borrowed her dad’s old camera for a summer school class. Developing in a traditional dark room, she was intrigued by the intimacy and mystery of the process. She had her first exhibition at seventeen, showing a collection of double exposures of organic shots of her family and strangers at different ages. She traveled internationally taking portraits as a professional photographer. She then began experimenting with formal conceptual shoots, using organized settings and posed models to bring into the visual world her interior ideas and imaginings. Her work has since reflected her signature blend of dreamlike formality. She currently takes portraits and self-portraits, developing them into surreal images to access the emotional aspect of the image and tell a deeper story.


Philosophically, Simone approaches her work through the Buddhist concept that all life is in a state of flux—even something seemingly motionless is in a state of change. The stillness in each of Simone’s pieces shows a deeper movement of inner life. She works to touch the people. She photographs, helping them discover their own story and become more empowered. With Simone, photography isn’t simply an image, but a transformative process.





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