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new analog project - 52 weeks of surreal, analog pictures

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"The digital tools allow us to have control over what and how we can

alter an image that was unimaginable in the era of analog photography." 

Pedro Meyer




I have a vision for the new year. Banning my imaginations on film, real film - medium format - on an analog camera.

Analog to me is like, going back to the roots. When I first started photography in school, there was no digital camera available. We developed black and white in the darkroom and it has been a log process of handcrafting until the final image...


Now I decided to go back, slow down a bit and instead shooting hundreds of pictures, using just one film.

Every week I´ll produce at least one analog picture, that comes in my surreal style, dark and mysterious. So it´s a 52 week project.

And today I start with the gorgeous Anna from Catography. Who is not only a wonderful photographer, but also a great model. We went to an abandoned train in the freezing cold. But it was worth every second. 

I got so excited when I tried the new camera that I just bought - a Seagull 4A - and decided to use a classic Kodak Portra to start with. Put in the film, measured the light and we started. Every sound of the shutter was just exciting. I always tried to look on the "screen" but there was none, and I had to stay calm until I got the results back from the lab. There´s still so much to learn. For example how to set the right focus or use the light according to my needs... But I just started, I´ll have the whole year to develop... 


What do you think?



ROVA Design - Photography - Glow - Portrait
ROVA Design - Photography - Glow - Portrait

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    Rolande Croft (Freitag, 03 Februar 2017 23:30)

    I really like it whenever people get together and share thoughts. Great blog, stick with it!